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One of the largest and most wide spread payment apps in India processes 7+ million transactions every day and Moolya has been a trusted testing partner for this payments unicorn through out its mobile app journey - from the time it started adding it's first users!

For almost 3 years, Moolya testers have journeyed together with this radically innovative payments app company to deliver best quality user experiences for its millions of users across languages.

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Customer Story #1:

7 million payments every day!

Customer Story #2:

UPI-based payments mobile app

When India underwent a massive demonetization exercise, the government realized the need to provide digital payments options for its half a billion citizens who were forced to shift from cash.

Moolya is currently testing a payments app based on the national Unified Payment Interface developed by the Government of India. It is a matter of pride for Moolya to test a mobile app that touches the lives of millions of Indians and helps India go cashless sooner!

Scope of partnership: #Functionality Testing, #Performance Testing, #iOS App Testing, #Mobile App Testing, #Exploratory Testing

AADHAAR or the Unique ID allocated to every Indian provides an innovative way of authenticating transactions by using biometric means such as Iris and Fingerprint Scan. A cutting-edge startup backed by a reputed Silicon Valley based Indian investor setup one of the first APIs and bridged the ability for regular applications to be authenticated using this novel means of ID - which can be used by even the illiterate citizens of India without any fear of ID theft! 

Today this payment interface processes 20 million API calls/month!

Scope of partnership: #Functionality Testing, #Performance Testing, #Usability Testing, Test #Automation, #Mobile Apps on #Android

Customer Story #3:

20 million AADHAAR-enabled payments processed per month

Payment transactions are sensitive and encrypted - so, app needs to be tested in all networks

Payments are mis-processed, lost, canceled - reconciling at both user and banker's end is a challenge!

Top 3 risks in payments app testing

Too many devices!

Payment reconciliation

Android spoils the party for app owners, but that's what 85% of your target market uses too!

Network speeds

We go beyond testing!

Moolya testers are trained to think beyond the basic test cases. They understand the business context, the CEO vision, the technology landscape and end user's perspective. This is the reason apps with the largest user base trust Moolya!

Aeries Technologies

"Reachable, and timely response has been the key (to our product success)!"

Moolya testers help Novopay to deliver reliable and super quick AADHAAR based payments for millions of Indian users of multiple banks every month.

"Moolya provides very good product testing across wide range of Android devices!"

Moolya is the preferred partner for testing the mobile payments solution developed by Aeries Technologies for a very niche financial technology requirements in India.

Sachin Srivastava

Novopay Solutions

Subramanyeshwara Rao (Subbu)

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