Moolya has tested 500+ mobile apps!

Mobile Application Testing specialization of Moolya has won it several marquee customers such as Flipkart, Paytm, Ola, Star Sports, Zee TV, HotStar, Urban Ladder, Novopay, BHIM App, HDFC.

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Functional Testing

Performance Testing

Moolya functionality testing for mobile apps goes beyond the typical testing of flows, features and functionality. A focus on the business goals, competitive app landscape and potential risks is what delivers tangible value to our customers - to take real time decisions on product & business.

Why Moolya for Mobile App Testing?

Moolya performance testers give additional levels of analysis that unravels the deeper causes of the performance issues that appear as symptoms in mobile apps. Such insights help developers to fix issues faster and ensure that risks are avoided in future builds of the mobile app before release.

Usability Testing

Moolya usability (UX + UI) testing is similar to the way target users would actually use the mobile app in real world conditions. Therefore Moolya testers act as end user advocates within the customer's product teams - and that is what delivers "moolya" to customers who value creative testing ability.

Yuliaman Liwigiano, Head - IT

"Engage Moolya if you have a huge testing challenge!"

Moolya tested the end-to-end implementation of a leading core banking product for Rabobank in Indonesia.

Rahul Chari, VP - Engineering

250+ million users delight in the "moolya" (value) of our testing!

"Thanks for investing yourself in our product as much as us!"

Moolya is the mobile app testing partner for Flipkart including the last 3 Big Billion Sales .

Happy Customers - and users!

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