That includes apps with just 50 installs to apps used by 250+ million users every month - across 20+ categories!

Moolya has tested 500+ mobile apps!

Mobile App Testing specialty of Moolya has won us several marquee customers like Flipkart, Paytm, Ola, Star Sports, Zee TV, HotStar, Urban Ladder, Novopay, BHIM App, HDFC...

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We test different things

We test differently

Moolya does not ask for KT about your product. We follow exploratory testing techniques to discover scenarios and test your product like your user would - but deeper!

Moolya follows the Context-driven Testing methodology to understand the testing context first and then devising a test strategy to solve each scenario differently - no one size fits all!

Functional Testing

Functionality testing for mobile apps requires a mobile mindset and most of our testers are of that generation. This is a paradigm where we cannot test with a document of requirements provided by a business user - here the user is who will decide what business runs on their mobile!

Of course! There are so many things that go beyond usual functional testing, but are critical for an app's success. Find out what our testers have to say about these factors!

Usability Testing

The explosion of mobile devices created a sweeping change in the design mindset - one that is focused on usability.

Every functionality testing of a mobile app has an aspect of User Interface and User Experience testing embedded as an inherent part of the testing - it is not enough to function alone!

Have you ever wondered whether your app is getting tested sufficiently? Our testers debate this question in this blog.

Mobile app experience is directly dependent on the way the app downloads from the store, loads the content over a network or how quickly it executes a payment transaction. Along with these, their impact on precious resources of a mobile device can spoil the user experience of other apps too! That's why Moolya specializes in performance testing and analysis of mobile apps across platforms & devices.

Performance testing stories are usually about star players in Ecommerce or Online Marketing. Have you heard of a government project being talked about? Read more here.

Performance Testing

Artificial Intelligence systems

We test cutting-edge technologies

Moolya testers are constantly scanning the horizons of technological developments to understand what it takes to test such emerging technologies such as:

Wearables / smart personal devices

Internet of Things

Yuliaman Liwigiano, Head - IT

"Engage Moolya if you have a huge testing challenge!"

Moolya tested the end-to-end implementation of a leading core banking product for Rabobank in Indonesia.

Rahul Chari, VP - Engineering

250+ million delight in the "moolya" (value) of our testing!

"Thanks for investing yourself in our product as much as us!"

Moolya is the mobile app testing partner for Flipkart including the last 3 Big Billion Sales .

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